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Your finefood concierge.

S T . B A R T H S   P R E M I E R   M E A T   &   S E A F O O D   S U P P L I E R

about us

We at Foodland live for the world of gastronomy, providing chefs on the island with the finest meats & seafood.

Thanks to our knowledge of the local market & the help from our partners around the globe, we have the ability to cater to the strict demands of the local foodservice industry.

We strive to remain at the forefront of food trends, always aiming for the next best thing in terms of transparency in the supply chain, sustainability, superior quality & innovation.

tomahawk steak beach caribbean

our selection

Each product is carefully handpicked with the highest eating experience in mind.

We receive weekly shipments from  North America & Europe, optimizing our ability to serve fresh and quality produce.

From Beluga Caviar to Wagyu Beef to White Truffles ... we have it.

American Wagyu Beef

Black Angus Grass-fed Beef

USDA Prime Dry Aged Steaks

Lamb from France, USA, NZ 

Milkfed Piglet & Veal

Kurobuta & Ibérico Pork

Venison, Boar, Bison

meat & game
fish & seafood

Ora King & Bakkafrost Salmon

Loch Fyne Smoked Salmon

Sashimi Grade Tuna

Chilean Seabass, Turbot, Cod

Wild Tiger Shrimps

Lobster, Langoustine

King Crab, Octopus

Oysters, Mussels, Scallops

Poulet Rouge™ Chicken

Bresse Chicken 

Mallard & White Pekin Duck

French Squab

Cornish Hen

Organic Turkey

Capon, Pintade & more


 Jamón Ibérico de Bellota

Selection of Cured Meats

Basque Pâtés & Terrines

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP

Mozzarella di Buffala DOP

Fine selection of Cheeses from Beillevaire

cheese & charcuteries

Beluga & Ossetra Caviar

Bluefin Tuna Toro

Bottarga, Uni

Gambero Rosso Shrimps

A5 Japanese Wagyu Beef

Rougié Foie Gras

100 yr Balsamic Vinegar

Truffles & more

luxury foods

Nori, Kombu, Katsuobushi

Hondashi, Miso

Rice Vinegars, Sesame Oil

Yuzu, Soy Sauce, Tamari 

Tamaki Sushi Rice

Pickled Ginger, Wasabi

Ikura, Tobikko, Masago

Premium Sakes & more

japanese specialties

World's Best Olive Oils

Minus 8 Vinegars

Cantabrian Anchovies

Natural Gourmet Hot Sauces

Martelli Pasta & GF Pasta

Carnaroli Rice

Spices by La Boite NY

fine pantry

Pasture Fed Meats from Grow and Behold:

Whole Chicken

Organic Turkey

Lamb & Veal Racks

Angus Beef Steaks

Frankfurters & more

kosher certified
A curated collection of seasonal items including handpicked jumbo asparagus from Provence, wild mushrooms, Italian grapes & more
season's best
HOMEBANNER2 copy.jpg

Our caviar is the culmination of a collaboration with the leading Caviar producer in France- Sturia.

We are honoured to present our very own selection of Ossetra and Siberian caviars made for us, directly from the pristine waters of Aquitaine.


From the farm to your table. 


our services

We are proud to be considered the premier resource amongst chefs & restaurateurs, our loyal partners for over 30 years on the island.

Fetching produce in St Barths takes more  than just a snap of the finger. Our duty is to make sure our customers always have what they need.


la boutique

La Boutique is our interpretation of gastronomy in retail form. We bring hospitality to your shopping bag, sharing the passion and the stories behind our finest collection. We created a space to inspire, guide and maybe even educate you in the creation of your ultimate culinary experience.

Discover our concept store in the heart of Gustavia, on the

harbour front, rue du Bord de Mer. 

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Anse des Cayes,

97133, Saint Barthélemy


+590 590 27 68 37

Mon-Sat 7am-12pm

Sunday closed

la boutique


97133, Saint Barthélemy

+590 590 51 96 99 

Nov 18 - April 8

Mon & Sun 9am-12pm /4pm-7pm

Tues-Sat 8:30am-7:30pm

April 8 - Nov 18

Mon closed

Tues-Sat 9:30am-2:30pm /4pm-7pm

Sun 9am-12pm


Aug 17 - Oct 12

Annual Boutique closing

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